Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Zoo with Grandpa Scott

We went up to my Dad's in the middle of the week. We went swimming at the Rec center, it was so much fun. Then the next day we went to the Zoo. Wow, so impressive!!! Kidding, every other exhibit was closed, and Kolby was pretty mad there was no Alligators or Chimps. We took a train ride and saw sheep, donkeys, oh and buffalo. The reaction was hilarious, we have those in Oak City and Kolby was not to thrilled. The gift shop was the funnest, we took pictures of Kolby of each one of these giraffes. Oh my Dad scared the crap out of him, he put on a Gorilla mask and got down on all fours, wow can that kid book it. Thanks Dad for the fun time and lunch.

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