Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two is a great age

I get my daily humor from Kolby....this picture is what he was determined getting ready for church was, all you need is boots. We have been working on the Alphabet and Vowels. His Vowels are "A-E-I-O-Me", and if you get an "I love you" its more like "I love Me." Oh yes he has learned that his middle finger gets lots of attention and likes to show his Uncle Matt (Ryans lil bro) it. I love having a two year old, its so much fun. I love being able to teach and show him things and getting reactions. "Oh my Gosh" apparently I say it a lot, cause Ryan was laughing hysterically when Kolby said that.

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Potters said...

Two is a crazy yet fun age. I love how he just wanted to wear boots and that is it.