Wednesday, August 6, 2008

New Fruities

Kolby has been thrilled with these new fruit snacks, can you believe it John Deere. We went to Payson to enjoy the awful store of Wal-Mart. We tried to get in and out, I hate that place as much as Kolby does. On the way out the store we ran into Jimi and her boys. It was so great to see them.Don't you love it, I put Kolby on the table while I swept and mopped the floor.

Yahoo!!! Sorry I have been slacking a bit. We have a lot going on, Saturday is my day for club (Stampin' Up), so I have been getting swaps made. We have been getting caught up on the yard and painting rooms in the office.........Oak City Days is next weekend, Ryan's entire extended family on his Mom side will be down for the festivities.


Murphy Family said...

I absolutely LOVE pictures of Kolby. He is just so DARN cute!!! Tag you're it... see my blog for details.

angie said...

Look at that super cute shaved head. It's all downhill from here with fruit snacks! j/k. I finally stopping by them at all since my fruit snack addicts were beyond control.