Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Heart Halloween

Ryan made this board for me....He took out the Mirror and glued in Chicken Wire so I have a super fun display.
I had, had to make this Halloween Countdown for Kolby....Everyday he gets a treat....we are a few days behind. Oh and yes, I made the clock a few years ago.
Thanks to Charisse, I am totally crazy for these tissue paper pom-poms. I bring out a few more every few days. :)
Okay so I dont mean to brag, but I think this is pretty stinkin' cute. I got the fram from DI for a buck, painted it black, tied ribbon around it. I printed the saying on the computer, stamped the bats and spider webs, made the stockings and shoes from paper.....and presto! Isnt it totally cute?
I made the witch shoes from paper too, and printed off the labels. Like the title says "I heart Halloween." Oh if I update there will be more to come.


Augie said...

You're behind or should is Kolby is behind on his candy from the countdown. Love all of the crafts!- Rachelle

JaLesha said...

Feel free to make me one of your 'it's all about the shoes' DARLING crafts and send it my way with my mom when she comes up. Just saying...

The Lovell's said...

I totally want the "It's all about the shoes"! So dang cute! Good Job Tiff, my crafty friend!