Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Summer Goals

In no particular order.
1. Go camping, wait we did that last night it was awful, at least Kolby had fun.
2. Post a least once a week.
3. Have Kolby potty trained. Anyone with tips on this would be awesome.
4. Make 1 card a day....really that would be awesome./Catch up on scrapbooking
5. Can, Can, can...but thats at the end of summer.
6. Have 2 boys in their own bed, ha ha funny, but it would be nice. (We really need to get a full size mattress for Kolbys new bed, thanks Jennie & JD for the bunk bed)
7. Clean out stuff, have a Yard Sale. :)
8. Have a Stampin' Up! Open House w/JaNae, she does Mary Kay.
9. Go to Eclipse, I know I am a nerd, but I really cant think of ten goals.
10. Work on reading scriptures more, oh and swearing less.


Emily said...

I have my Eclipse tickets already!!! :) I'd love to go camping with you all. :)

angie said...

Take Kolby to pick out his own package of underware......he only gets to wear them of course if he goes on the big kid potty. If you have a kiddie potty, I'd by pass it and go straight to the toilet.

The Whale said...
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