Monday, November 16, 2009


Have I ever mentioned how funny Kolby is and how he always keeps us on our toes? Here he is with his "Derby Car" and my breast pump, yes you read that right, my breast pump. If you are wondering it fills his tires with air. I was kind of in shock, Ryan was laughing so hard and telling me to get the camera and quick.

Some of the funny things he has said recently.....
"Its delicious, like heaven"
"All he needs is rolls on his forehead"
"Put it on facebook"
We love Greys Anatomy, well we DVR it and watch it later. Kolby wanted to watch that "Dr. Show" so we were watching, as they were doing surgery he kept asking ,"why and what are they doing?" We were both getting a bit annoyed, so Ryan said, "This is not the gallery." Without skipping a beat Kolby replied, "maybe it is the gallery."

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