Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fishing with Pop

Last week we went fishing with Poppa Scott. My dad was over in Manti, he had been Elk Hunting. Kolby thinks his camper is now his Manti House. Oh what a kid
My Dad and Kolby
The Boys and their adventures. Kolby was so stinking excited to reel in the fish with his fishing pole. Oh it was the first time he had ever been fishing, so he didn't quite know what to expect.
All smiles with reeling in the little fish, but there was no way in the world he was having the fish near him. Oh, when we got there I baited his hook for him, when I opened the worms, he's all "Snakes?" It was pretty cute.


Shayla Finlinson said...

that is so so cute... he is getting so big.. what a cute little guy he is.. so cute with his fish..

sldziuk said...

I just love these pictures. Way cute!

angie said...

He got a fish? Score!