Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Amazing Husband

Ryan is absolutely amazing. He knows how to tick me off and then make me melt about two minutes later. We do mostly melting. I'm so grateful for a husband who listens to the little things I say and material things I want, and I want a lot. He is very supportive to my scrapbooking/stamping obsession....ebay is off limits....bigger addiction for a later blog. I have been wanting a western rhinestone purse forever so he bought me one on Thursday night at the rodeo. Kolby was such a pill at the rodeo. The next night Ryan surprised me with a date, he arranged with his mom to watch Kolby so we could have some alone time. You don't realize how much time a kid or kids take, especially the quality time as a couple. He is always great to kiss me everyday and tell me he loves me, oh and he lets me know how beautiful I am. It makes me smile when I hear how "HOT" he thinks I am, its usually on the days that I am still in PJ's and looks like a train hit me and the house. I love you Ryan.

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angie said...

So very sweet!