Friday, February 8, 2008

Kolbys 1st trip to the ER

I promise he was really sick. It all started out on Wednesday, in the afternoon we were blowing bubbles. Kolby, thinking he was so big took the wand and tried to blow them himself, he ate them instead. He instantly started vomiting, I called poison control, they said he should be fine. He was back to his normal self, ate dinner great and decided Mom and Dad looked so much fun to jump on until 11. Oh back up, the funny thing about calling poison control is that they said, "We expect to hear from you in the next 18 years, so we will take down your info." Our house now has a file.
Thursday morning he did not wake up till 11, which was so nice to sleep in. He got up ate breakfast, threw up again. So I got him out of his clothes and we didnt even make it to the family room he was back to sleep. He sleept till 12:45 woke up for 15 minutes and went back to sleep. As I was accessing the situation, I realize he has not had a wet diaper since the day before, but the thing was he had 4 sippy cups by this time. I was freaked. I called the ped, they were out for the afternoon, and let me remind you its one and half hours away to the Dr . office. So they tell me take him to the Clinic in Nephi, they are booked cant see him. We go up Springville InstaCare, they they met us in the Lobby and sent us to the ER.
ER at Utah Valley, oh what fun, the Dr. kept telling me that he was just nausiated. I got really mad, because he was eating great and drinking like a camel. They gave the poor little guy and IV, blood work, and oh did that piss him off. The tests came back negative, they gave him anti-nausea medicine and fluids. That little stink peerked right up, they again non-stop vomiting. The thing I was worried about was him sleeping. He was awake for 3 hours total yesterday. We get distarged with diagonsis of infant flu. I am still skeptical.
It gets better, on the way home there was a really bad snow storm, we decide to stay in Nephi. The visability was aweful. The only thing avaliable was the Bates Motel, a.ka. The SAFARI. The front desk lady was, well she looked like a stuffed animal, I kid you not. The first room we got the door only locked from the that so they can lock up in a stuff us?? The next room better, except you either froze or baked no happen medium on the heat. Then the workers came out with the snow blowers at 7 am. I was ticked. Whats so great about the whole thing is after we checked in the storm lifted and there was no snow from Nephi to Oak City.

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angie said...

Oh no! The bates hotel sounds awesome. How is Kolby today? I'm going to try those bubbles out on my kids. If it gets them to sleep 21 hours in one day, I'm all over it. j/k